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I believe every human being, no matter how young, has value, and deserves to be heard.  I believe therapy is a space where people of all ages can be honored.  Their value is appreciated, sometimes taught, and most certainly heard.  

People are precious. People are also created to be in relationship with one another.   We live our lives surrounded by, and in context of these relationships.  Relationships are a source of love, joy and laughter.   Sometimes these relationships can be difficult, challenging, or confusing.  Sometimes they can even cause us pain.  Therapy can help us navigate through all of this, and the feelings that come from these relationship challenges.

Therapy is a safe place for us to get to know ourselves, who we are in the context of these relationships, to honor our value as human beings, and the feelings that we have.  It can help us achieve balance among the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects to who we are as people.  It can guide us on our journey to wholeness. Therapy protects and esteems the value and uniqueness of every individual.  

I desire to assist people in acknowledging their own and others' value and worth.  The life decisions people make reflect their perspective on the value and worth of themselves and others.  I would be honored to have a small place in that journey with you for a time.

You can reach me at 317-300-1414.
or you can find my office at
720 Executive Park Drive
Suite 3000E
Greenwood, IN 46143